SOLARCON Solar Controller Repair

Solarcon is a solar controller repair business which specializes in the repair of most Heliotrope General and Independent Energy products. 
Also available are several types of solar sensors, and Sunspool/HG Spool drain down valve o-ring and check ball kits. Heliotrope General has closed their doors forever in Spring Valley CA after a tragic fire back on January 11, 2000. Heliotrope Pool is also out of business as well. As a former employee with over 17 years of FACTORY EXPERIENCE in repairing the multitude of often confusing variations of controllers, I am pleased to be the authority for repair of products manufactured by the former Heliotrope General.
REPAIR IS ALWAYS THE MOST COST EFFECTIVE OPTION for your defective solar controller or Flo-Verter valve. A new replacement pool controller is especially expensive and runs well over $200.00. For example, I repair the HM-4000A, B, or C versions for only $65.00. Because Heliotrope used to manufacture so many models and product lines, repair is the only option for many installations. We can also repair many Independent Energy (Goldline) controllers including the popular C-30. Please call or email for other manufacturer's controllers.

Solarcon offers flat rate repair fees. These flat rates include all parts and labor. Return shipping on most controllers is $13.40 or less, usually by Priority Mail 2-3 day service. My average turnaround time is 2-3 working days. Some components that are not bad but sometimes fail with age are routinely replaced also at no extra charge to extend the controller life.

I recently acquired a used DTT-84 controller in good condition. Please inquire if interested.

DTT-84/94                                                                       Temp Trak II



The most common failure in the drain down valve is a continual leaking out of the drain tube while in the drain mode or position. This is caused by either the check ball inside port #4 failing, or a leaking O-ring. The most common cause by far is a failure of the check ball. Unfortunately there is no way to determine which of these is at fault without replacing the O-rings and/or check ball assembly. Solarcon sells O-ring kits and check ball kits on our "Flo-Verter & Drain Down" page. Please click on the page link above. We do not have any other parts for, nor do we repair the drain down valve.












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